by sunslide

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Written and recorded Jan - Mar 2014 at Villa Adelaide, Santa Catarina, Portugal.


released May 9, 2014




sunslide Suffolk

Now living in Vejer de la Frontera, near Cadiz, Spain

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Track Name: Brother
No river in the river
no tears in those eyes
Skin as dry as leather
Bones seen better times

Brittle and thirsty
Ready to break and shatter
Dreams of cool cool water
Something to get him fatter

Oh Brother needs protection
or he'll damage himself
Brother's contrition
like sci-fi - off the shelf

What will it take
Brother's shutting down
And when he breaks
Will he make a sound

Oh Brother
Track Name: Deep Jump
Walk the wall don't look down
puff along the cliff near the edge
stairs up to the fire escape
the top floor with the barbed wire fence

Need to get away watch and wait
for the thump
of the deep jump
Need to stay away
for the thump
of the deep jump

Climb the highest mountain
feel the force of the sea
yet you catch a train
into a storm

The beat of your heart
and the thrash of a wave
the bottom feeders rising

Track Name: Sister
Don't tie her down,
Focus in tight -
want a real deal,
with a slim waistline,
want her absent,
want her opaque,
and ready made

No easy access, just green room gas
serious plant life - a whispering flash
she won't kow tow,
or stretch her cause,
she won't give up - giving out

Where does sister go to alone in her bed
what are the thoughts that surround her
for she knows she was easily led,

to draw her curtain,
hide her collection,
library of perfumes,
.....her introspection

Where does sister go to alone in her bed
what are the thoughts that surround her
for she knows she was easily led
Track Name: Something for the Ladies
I feel so unsure as you take my hand
and lead me off the mountain
Oh the avalanche might wipe us out
Still we'll always have Paris
Something's in the air
Something for the Ladies

Had too much to drink last night
in that Italian Restaurant
Someone took your number
in the hope of a mountain rescue

Yes you scale the heights
gossip was thick in the air
You apply your lipstick
and look at yourself in the mirror
Yes there's something for the Ladies
Something for the ladies

Oh the Aubergine was frittered with honey
and the apricot salsa was done with mint
There was chorizo and sweet potato
topped off by a banana curry
and something for the Ladies
Track Name: Touching The Sky
We're in the hills
So far from home
Up in the hills
Touching the sky
Sun bleaches in
and the lemons are ripe
Down to the sea
We must go

Our levels are all right
in the salty sea
Our levels are just fine
touching the sky

Our levels are all right
up in the hills
Track Name: Stand By
Come a little closer
said the spider to the fly
bounce into my castle
Rest those tired eyes

switched and guarded
this land is so sweet
Did you never hear the siren voice
Or felt the nectar near her teeth

Rest rest my weary one
stay tonight
the sun has clover for you
But you must close your eyes

We're on Stand By
Waiting for you
on Stand By
Ready Charged
Stand By

'Lift your eyes to the Continent (Stand By)
and take an interest in exotic ingredients'